Living in the past

Padang, Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Monday, 25 June 2018

Note: Bear in my mind this post was supposed to be posted on Monday (18/06/2018) but then things happened lol.

I was scrolling through Sonia Eryka’s blog yesterday morning on my iPad while listening to Taio Cruz’s Dynamite on Spotify. I wasn’t aware that it was Sunday morning 'till my sister told me that tomorrow (which is today) Dad’s gonna be home so we’ll pick him up at the airport. I was confused because I thought Monday was still in a few days till I checked on my phone it was really Sunday. What bumped me was; Sunday morning, still in my pajamas scrolling through fashion blogs and oh God, this was literally my kind of Sunday morning when I was teen (ugh, hate to admit).
So here I'm gonna tell you how it was.

I used to collect magazines every month; from the Indonesian girls-must-have majalah Gadis then I changed my preference to Girlfriend Magazine because it portrayed something new, the Australian fashion (Girlfriend Magz was originated from Australia). Other magazines that I looked up to were Cleo and Looks Magazine, I was pretty much obsessed so I'd buy every newly published magazines. Since we had no import magazine seller here in my city, I could recall I asked Dad to bring me some US Teen Vogue, Girlfriend Australia or the US Nylon magazines when he’s back. I was like the happiest teenager alive when dad brought them home.

Luckily I had a neighbor who shared the same interest with me. We’d tell each other first which magazines were we going to buy that month so we could exchange after finished reading. And OMG did I tell you that there was this blog reviewing magazines every month? The blog was like our guidance whether the issue was worth to purchase or not. I googled it up and sure it was MagazinesJunkie by Elco Frebliaman! (Why is it not available anymore?!­čśş). Well, that pretty much pictured the relationship between me and fashion magazines. In my teenage days.

When internet hit and blogging started to become popular, my teenage days were pretty much then influenced by them. My fashion magazines subscription slowly shifted to a scroll on and Teen Vogue online. If I had to wait for the next month to get to know on the latest trends or the latest fashion week report on magazines, it’s only a click away on the internet. Moreover, fashion bloggers started to be recognized internationally during that time, such as Susie Bubble of Style Bubble, Alix of The Cherry Blossom, including from Indonesia, the well-known Diana Rikasari of Hot Chocolate and Mint, and Evita Nuh of The Creme De La Crop, so it's just a piece of cake for me to look for new inspirations.

My blog posts during that time were mostly inspired by those websites and blogs too ( but I have deleted them lol because I wanted to change the focus of this blog). I was once posted an OOTD of me wearing all black and sneaker with colorful laces that I learned from PS. I Made This - where I learned so much about DIY, which I immediately discarded because it was far from aesthetic - it's shameful. Remember Polyvore? I loved that one so much too! Sigh, it was so long time ago and I didn't know its shut down

Oh my, I kinda miss those times a lot.

I spent the rest of the week binge-watching 2PM and other kpop girl/boybands MV and reality shows on Youtube. I was a kpoper when I was in high school. Remember 2PM, BigBang, SNSD, f(x), SHINee? Yes, they were at the top of their popularity during that time. Been hiatus (as a kpop fan) for so long, then seeing the new boy/girl bands nowadays... it's just strange.

Oh well, the point of this post is merely me reminiscing those good old days. It's funny looking back and realized so many things have changed, yet the memories are still remain. I guess.. it's 5 years already? Gosh, time flies.

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