Sajak Tak Berujung

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Monday, 18 April 2016
Datanglah pada bila masa, senja..

Bila sudah cita kita gaungkan

Bila sudah hujan kita tangguhkan

Namun asa sudah kita putuskan

Takkan sajakku berhujung hampa?

- Kuala Lumpur, 18 April 2016

What I'll be Missing From You, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Wednesday, 13 April 2016
Final year.

Finally, it comes to me the last semesters of my degree life. As they said, time flies fast. A year from now who knows what would I be, whether pursuing a master, being a corporate banker, or maybe.. another fate? A friend of mine showed up an old picture of us with other girls back in the first year of degree celebrating her 19th years old birthday, and there I see the old myself smiling did not recognize that would be the precious time of my degree life and maybe the last time we were all present at someone's birthday. 

Since I would not know what would be going on a year from now, I just wanted to list (apparently I love to list so much - list anything!) some highlights that I'll be missing from the capital city of Malaysia, the city that I've been residing for 3.5 years and finally I can say, my second home.

1. Teh Ais, bungkus!
This would be funny. Clearly we have different perspectives on what is Teh Ais (Ice Tea) here in Malaysia and Indonesia. In Indonesia, an ice tea is called Es Teh Manis or just simply Es Teh. While here, in Malaysia, their Es Teh is called Teh O Ais. Teh O Ais, Teh Ais, that O really matter because if we order Teh Ais only, we will be served with a Teh Tarik, their signature creamy and frothy tea that the making process requires "pulling" pouring technique. So don't be jumbled up! I was once asked for Teh O Ais back when I was home in Indonesia and quickly retold the waitress that what I actually needed was Es Teh Manis. Poor confused mind.

Oh, another one. When we say bungkus, they will tie the drinks on one of the side tips of the plastic. . No more holding the plastic, we have the tie!