Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia
Tuesday, 24 January 2017

During our trip to Semporna, Sabah, we managed to go to one village in Pulau Bum Bum. The village was caught on fire months ago and we could still see the damage caused that day. The villagers were very nice. They gave us smile, a little bit curious, looking at us just like we were from outside of the world maybe because we looked so different and there was some foreigner with us. I was questioning myself that time...

What if I was born here?
What am I going to do?
What if I was born without access to education and no one to tell me to perform salah?
How my life would be?

Sometimes we forgot that to have a door open is a fortune. Not everyone could get an opportunity to have a door open for us to see the world, too seek knowledge in search of the Divinity. To be born as a Muslim is a blessing. To got a chance to go to school, despite how bad the system is and how bad the chairs are, is a blessing. There are many unfortunates. And they're close.

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