Love at First Masks

Friday, 19 February 2016
I couldn't deny that my affection (and curiosity) towards K-beauty started from these two products. My skin was dull, far from glow, acne-prone and simply far from nice. Since it was from early of last year's purchase, I couldn't recall the first time we bumped into each other. As far as I can remember, I was ordering the Skinfood along with Too Cool For School's Marshmallow Puff at Hermo, and the Innisfree mask was from a friend who went to Korea.

And then the magic happened.

This might be something that a skincare newbie should take note: a basic but consistent steps will lead you to a better skin. Start with cleanse + exfoliate + moisturize, your skin will thank you more than enough. If after that you see you need more and you are ready for a higher level of taking care of your skin, then you can add more steps to the game such as double toning, acids, serums and others. But for starter, keep those 3 basic steps and promise to yourself you'll stick to it.

So I decided to stick to those basic steps in the morning and night and every week. In the morning, I would just use my cleanser, followed up by toner, moisturize it with a daycream, then sunscreen. At night I would cleanse again my face, tone it, moisturize it with my daycream since I had no idea for night cream nor sleeping pack. Then, the two aforementioned products would play their role on the weekend  or if I have free time, every Wednesday as well.

After I cleanse my face, I would take a teaspoon amount of Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off  and rub it to my face. Oh another note for newbies out there, do read the product's direction carefully or google out how do people use it since sometimes it's not the product that does not work out but how we use them is not as the way it was supposed to be. For once I spreaded the mask all over my face and waited until 10 minutes to wash it off, then I started to wonder why the product did not do the justice. Until I found out how Jenn Im used it in her video here. I needed to rub it to exfoliate those dead skin and voila, it left my skin smooth, clean and fresh. Love it. So ready for the next step of skincare.

Next I would go for the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I opted for this one not the Super one just because I found it cheaper than the latter (a college student, here!) but I did not regret it since I read the Super one has stronger tingling sensation while my face is so sensitive (I've tried the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask sample and washed it off straightly because I couldn't stand it). The mask smells weird at first, however it's not a kind of mask that will harden over time that makes your face hard to move. It does cleanse and purify the skin and after a consistent use of the product I find acne rarely come, it brightens my skin (since it does deep cleanse the skin) and it's much easier to take out the blackheads and whiteheads after.

My first journey with k-beauty starts amazingly. These two products gave me a nice impression and I would repurchase them over and over until I found a much better substitutes. Afterward, I'm eyeing Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Toner and Mizon Vita Lemon Calming Cream. Did you know that vitamin C is good for fading acne scars?


  1. Udah lama tertarik sama brand innisfree cuma belum kesampean nyobain. btw, thanks for sharing :)

    Anak UIA juga ya? aku UIA angkatan 06. Salam kenal :)

    1. Halo kakak! Maaf baru bisa bales hihi iya aku anak UIA lagi final year insha Allah angkatan 12. Salam kenal :) 06 ke 12 lumayan jauh jg ya kak hahaha.

      Aku so far suka banget sama Innisfree <3 dari konsep, harga, kualitas, packaging semuanya aku suka hehe ayo kaak dicoba *ngeracun*

  2. Aku juga pake jeju clay mask itu dan emang bagus banget. Pori2 ku dibuat kecil. Tapi emang gak boleh di pake lama2, cukup 10-15 menit biar kulit gak kekurangan moisturizer.

    1. Halo Vina! iya bener semenjak aku pake yg pore clay masknya kondisi kulit muka aku jauh lebih baik. Karena dia deep cleanse sih ya jdi eman gaboleh dipake lama2.


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