Good Morality

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

"Tell people about your religion without the use of your tongue." 
- Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq (as)
I found this meaningful words from twitter and immediately saved it as favorite. If you happened to follow mine, you can check my favorite tab, there you will found random tweets, links, quotes and people's tweets that I like or inspired me.

Without the use of your tongue. With extra underline on the word without, because that's we supposed to highlight. I honestly don't have much interest in joining usrah, listen to all the ceramah or Islamic discourses, but I do find myself left behind when I saw someone with his/her modesty. Someone who never looked down someone like me, who is still crawling to be a better muslimah. Someone who never judged my foolish and ego of not obeying His order, but with his/her consistent and perseverance, he/she already slapped me with my mind instead.

Comparing myself, Alhamdulillah, I've never skipped my prayer intentionally, and I'm trying to read the Qur'an daily. The hardest thing that I still trying up are how I dress, how I mingle with the opposite gender and how to keep myself straight in the right path with how I act and my mind. These people who showed me his/her consistency made me want to know much more on what he/she knows, why is he/she do this and that, and questioning myself did I do everything really on the right way?

I took subject Ethics and Fiqh of Everyday Life this semester. I learned that having a good morality, it shows the spirit of Islam because Allah SWT sent the Prophet SAW in order to perfecting the moral of the people,
"I have sent (the Messenger of Allah) for the purpose of perfecting good morals." (hadith)
Islam that comes from the word of Salam which means peace, upholds good relationship within a creation and his God in spiritual sense and good relationship among human beings with a good morality.

A good morality is also as a validation of Iman, because lacking in good morals can be lacking in faith too.
"A Muslim is the one ho avoids harming Muslims with his tongue and hand." (hadith)
"Which Muslim has the perfect faith?" "He who has the best moral character." (hadith)
"He who believes in Allah and the Last Day of Judgement is forbidden to cause any harm to his neighbors, is to be kind to his guests - especially the strangers, and is to say the truth or else abstain." (hadith)
It's a little bit upsetting when I saw people who claimed to be a muslim but when he speaks he hurts people, or when she saw someone who is contradicted to the pillars of Islam, she pointed out her finger and judged her in public. None of us like all these, right?

I myself too, still lacking and needs improvement here and there that I don't claim myself to be already had a good morality in here. But with these words I found, let's hand to hand helping each other to be a better muslim right? a better human being.

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